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"The best cheesecake I've ever tasted!

I've tried the cheesecake oreo, and it was absolutely the best! I have never liked cheesecake before, but this one in particular is so good! It was not too sweet like many other cheesecake out there, it was just right. I Would definitely try it again :p" (Stefi Astari)

"The Oreo Cheese Cake, OMG...it was delicious and I don't really like cheesecake. It was so moist and tasty." (Dolores Castillo)


"The Oreo Cheese Cake were delicious. Honestly, I wanted more than one! The amazing little cheesecakes is one of my most favorites." (Lauri Brender)


Magnifico! Your Tres Leches cake is one of the best I’ve had. My taste buds were singing and dancing! It was sweet yet flavorfully delicioso! It would accompany a Mexican meal beautifully! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (Rachel Gonzalez)


The cheesecake is very moist and creamy. I had to go back for a second serving!. The Tres Leches, the best that I've ever had! The Oreo Cheesecake is my favorite! It's the best of both cookie & cheesecake worlds!!!" (Donna M)


Light and Fluffy! Not to mention only 25 calories for those of us watching our waistline. The Cauliflower Biscuits make a delicious breakfast treat. I know they will be a hit at my next office party! Hat’s off to the Chef! (Rachel Gonzalez)


"The Chicken Fiesta, Loved it! It's so good I wanted to eat and eat and eat. And it was good reheated, too." (John K. Mes)
"The Nutella Cheese Cake, by far one of my favorite cakes! I HIGHLY recommend this one! :D" (Anonymous)

Absolutely delicious! Chicken Fiesta was scrumptious and cooked to perfection! You put a lot of thought and effort into your baking it shows in the quality and flavor of your food. I highly recommend this dish! Mmm, mmm, good!


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread muffins were AMAZING!!! They had an even consistency of walnuts, pecans, chocolate chips, not too sweet, just right! Perfect with our morning coffee. So tasty! (Rachel Gonzalez)

The best Mini Oreo Cheese Cake!!.” (Edwin Argueta)

"Wonderful cheesecake! Perfect flavoring!.” (Jerred Younce)
Got my Pandan Cake today!! It was super moist and not too sweet. It was perfect! Can't wait to try a different cake 😋 (Erlia Bonanza)
The Oreo cupcake is so delicious! You are a good baker! (Swany Parulian)
Yummy! I'm big a fan of Red Velvet cake/cupcakes, and pretty much anything sweet. Wow! These cupcakes were moist and tasty. It had just the right sweetness not to sweet and the cocoa powder was sort of moot. I thought it was faaabulous! The cream cheese frosting was wonderful again not to sweet. Yum, so tasty! I recommend drinking some hot tea or coffee with them! This is definitely a keeper! (Rachel Gonzalez)

Exquisite! This is one of my favorite desserts. Not too sweet, evenly distributed, and a wonderful surprise at the bottom. The presentation of your desserts is lovely and party appropriate. More please, is what my guests will be saying! Highly recommend as a holiday must have! :-) (Rachel Gonzalez)


Beautifully presented Oreo cheesecakes which are delicious and a wonderful treat for anyone's special event. Highly Recommended! (Regina Havens)

This homemade Chocolate Angel Food Cake was light, fluffy, and moist, with just the right sweetness. It had a tasty chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee. I would love it with strawberries and a little whip cream, okay maybe a lot of whip cream. Did I mention this is another one of my low calorie favorites on the menu. Don't feel so guilty adding the whip cream. (Rachel Gonzalez)

"Probably the most delicious Baked Chicken with Tomato and Basil I've tried in a long time! This is the gourmet dish to have if you want to impress a dinner guest(s). The chicken breast was moist and had the perfect combination of ingredients. The chicken was baked in its own juices, using no butter or oil. Favor was incredible with the tomato and basil sauce on top!"

Rachel Gonzalez
02 Oct 2015  

"I have tried almost everything featured on this website but honestly it was still impossible to pick a favorite since every single thing is delicious. Let's start with the nastar, they are hands down the best nastar ever made. The filling is made with real pineapples not a storebought jam hence the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The oreo cheesecake is sooo good! You can store it the fridge for a few days and it will still taste as good as the first day, although I doubt that will be the case. The banana pudding is the bomb! It has the perfect combination of banana and vanilla wafer as well as the vanilla pudding. Sorry for the length of this comment but everything is soo good! The pumpkin cupcakes are amazing! They are light, moist and fluffy. These cupcakes have the perfect amount of spices which really complement the pumpkin flavor. You can never go wrong with these cupcakes! Love love love them"

11 Nov 2014  

"I'm a para"Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter Mousse Frosting. These cupcakes are light and fluffy in texture, incredibly moist, with just the right touch of sweetness. And the frosting. Oh the frosting. Be still my heart. Brought the kind of smile that brings peace back into my sometimes frenzied world. So delicious!"

Rachel Gonzalez

09 Oct 2015


"These cupcakes are a perfect blend of banana and chocolate. The touch of banana in the frosting had just the right balance."

Karen Hall
09 Oct 2015 


"The chocolate cup cake with Kahlua frosting is delicious."

Valeria Goodwin
16 Dec 2015  


"The Espresso Cupcakes with Kahlua Butter Cream are wonderful! I enjoy coffee way too much and this cupcake definitely exceeded my expectations!!"

16 Dec 2015  


"The Pandan Chiffon Cake is very soft and so tasty I could easily eat the whole cake by myself. Very dangerous and I have no defense. It has a gorgeous jade green color perfect for my Christmas office party. I am also bringing fresh strawberries, raspberries, and whip cream to add to the festive look. Delightfully yummy!"

Rachel Gonzalez
04 Dec 2015  


"My family tried the tres leches cake and it was delicious. I share with my babysitter and she loved it, too. She also made the red velvet cupcakes for a baby shower. It had the most beautiful edible butterflies on them. The cupcakes were the hit of the shower."

Sandy Campos
03 Nov 2015  


"The NY Cheesecake was light, fluffy, full of flavor, creamy, soft, delicious without feeling too heavy or overly sweet. The graham cracker crust was equally fantastic and held its own, without becoming overpowered by the rest of the cheesecake. The raspberry glaze on top made for a beautiful presentation! "

Rachel Gonzalez
19 Oct 2015  

"Strawberry Oreo Chiffon Cake: I have tried this cake before with blueberries and must say, I like it best with Oreo’s. Never will I ever buy another store baked chiffon cake. The color was pretty in pink with specks of black, I loved the moist strawberry flavor and the texture of the Oreo’s. Made me think of Valentine's Day!"

Rachel Gonzalez
19 Oct 2015


Hash Brown Nest: This is a perfect Christmas morning hearty breakfast. With the hash brown nest, scrambled egg, a medley of mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. I absolutely loved these!"

Rachel Gonzalez
19 Oct 2015  


"Parma Ham Cup: I’ve been thinking more and more about what I put into my body, so I’m pleased to know you take great care in your selection of ingredients when baking. The ham was so flavorful, topped with tomato and cheese, so tasty and fresh!"

Rachel Gonzalez
19 Oct 2015  

"Just had the pumpkin cupcake, yummmmmm! Very moist and terrific flavor. Have loved all the other cupcakes Eilight has made."

Valeria Goodwin
16 Oct 2015  


"Tried pumpkin cupcake and chocolate peanut butter recently. It was very moist and fluffy. My kiddos love the pumpkin cupcake so much. I finally got them to eat something that made of pumpkin. 😉 The Oreo Cheesecake was a big hit in my daughter birthday. Everyone loved it! Thank You."

Erlia Bonanza
13 Oct 2015  


"The Omelet Muffin, made with scrambled eggs, bits of mushrooms, veggies, corned beef, and a drop of skim milk was wonderfully delicious! Best of all it was hearty!"

Rachel Gonzalez
13 Oct 2015

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